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Tourism and Commercial Sunclocks and Sundials

Sundials and sunclocks will enhance tourism and outdoor areas for the general public and it will benefit the community in various ways:

  • A fun challenging interactive concept for visiting school children,
  • Using their own shadow to tell the time
  • Great interactive conversational piece for visiting adults.

Sunclocks Human Sundials

Human Sundials that use a persons own shadow to tell the correct clock time even daylight saving time, are used throughout the world.

Human Sundials are a fun interactive talking point for the public of all age groups.

Sunclocks are used in many areas such as:

  • Shopping Malls
  • Sea Fronts
  • Tourist Attractions
  • Parks
  • Theme parks
  • In the grounds of Planetariums
  • Churches Castles
  • Stately Homes

Sunclocks… Human Sundials are a simple long lasting non expensive way to “Upgrade” any area where the public gather into a “‘Must -  Be – Seen” attraction.

They can be painted onto concrete or bitumen surfaces using the appropriate paint.

Or if set out in a grassed area the components can be set just below the grass level to facilitate ease of mowing and to make them essentially vandal proof.

Councils often employ local artists to create wonderful attractive designs.

Examples can be seen in the accompanying photographs.

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